468 Farm Acres | 419 Crop Acres | Atchison/Holt Counties, Missouri

The JKM 1 Farm is located within Atchison and Holt Counties, in northwest Missouri, approximately 70 miles north of Kansas City and 80 miles south of Omaha.  The farm is an upland farm located 15 miles east of the Missouri River.  The farm includes two separate tracts of land located two miles apart.  The first (pictured above) straddles the Atchison/Holt county line, with 145 crop acres north of the line in Atchison County and 35 crop acres south of the line in Holt County. The second tract of land includes 239 crop acres located entirely in Holt County. In total, the farm consists of 468 farm acres of which 419 are crop acres.  Soils include Colo, Marshall, Lamoni, Exira, Shelby and Higginsville.