what we do: buying, selling and managing farmland since 1987


Buying Farmland

As you can see under the tab "Why Invest," there are a number of good reasons why you would want to own farmland as an investment.  If you do decide to buy a farm, we can assist you by:

  • Helping you determine your investment criteria.

  • Identifying and valuing property that fits your criteria.

  • Working as your agent in acquiring the property.

  • Managing the property. See "Managing Farmland" below for additional information.

The first step in buying a farm is to enter into a buyer's agency agreement with Land Property Associates, Inc. ("LPA").  This agreement outlines the obligations and duties between LPA as the Broker and you as the Buyer.


selling farmland

The first step in selling your farm is to enter into a listing agreement with LPA.  The listing agreement will contain, among other things, the listing price.  The listing price is the price that you are willing to accept for your property.  Before determining the listing price, you should have a sense of the property's value.  We have valued many farm properties over the years and are well qualified to assist you in establishing a listing price for your farm.  Once the listing agreement is completed and signed we will:

  • Develop marketing materials which we will send to local landowners as well as investors outside of the area of your farm.

  • Develop and place signage on your property.

  • Advertise in local media and on our website.


managing farmland

When managing your farm, LPA will:

  • Identify a tenant and negotiate lease terms.

  • Collect rent, pay bills and make a distribution if applicable.

  • Provide an annual accounting of revenue and expense.

  • Identify improvements that will:

    1. Protect the integrity of the farm through soil conservation projects, many of which are subsidized by the State.

    2. Increase productivity.

    3. Increase market value.