buying, selling and managing farmland since 1987.

Roy Fischer is President and Lorraine Spahr is Vice President of Land Property Associates, Inc. Their work history includes the following:

  • Managed a $1.2 billion bond portfolio for Landmark Bancshares.

  • Created "from scratch" Land Financial Group, Inc., a retail stock brokerage company employing 65 people which was eventually sold to a Midwestern Bancorp.

  • Formed one of the first farmland limited partnerships in 1987 as noted by the publication, Financial World.

  • Formed Land Property Associates, Inc., a licensed real estate broker, in 1993 and an affiliated company, Farm Properties, GP, which invests in farmland, in 1996.

  • Formed a "pooled investment" in 2000, currently active, that invests in a combination of equities, bonds and farmland.

  • Created over 100 entities that acquired and sold tens of thousands of acres of farmland over the years.